Who we are

“The major challenge for leaders in the twenty-first century will be how to release the brain power of their organizations”

Warren Bennis

Creating trust by connecting businesses, ideas and people on a higher level

We are a leadership and culture transformation community, we make change personal, at scale and systemic. Our Purpose is to expand consciousness with leaders and organizations to help create positive enduring change in the world.

Inspiring Leader Programs

We live a time of exponential change and leaders need to rethink their style, their vision and the impact they can make on their team and organization.

Inspiring Leader programs provide you with an opportunity to expand your leadership skills and enrich the way you mobilize others

You will also explore how to remain resilient in the face of adversity, adopting new ways of approaching challenges and overcoming obstacles in your own professional context. The new insights and skills you develop will impact your team’s performance and will empower you to lead with more clarity and conviction

Executive Team Coaching

Relations are the new capital. The ability to cocreate and act with speed is directly correlated with the quality of connections.

Teams are the neurons of agile, brain-like organizations. We renew team routines with analytical emotional and creative intelligences and a proven team coaching process.

We help create purpose-driven teams to foster trust, renewal with diverse perspectives and drive transformational impact.

Teams develop their inclusion power, inspiration, influence and innovation capabilities

Purpose and Culture Shaping

Purpose and Culture shape the way people think and behave, and thus, it profoundly shapes how innovation happens.

We shape the human side of broader transformations by shifting mindsets to drive performance and health

Clients who have worked with us tell us our process is unpralleled in the consulting industry.

Their results provide the proof that our time-tested, comprehensive 4U methodology mesurably enhance the spirit and performance of organizations

Disruption Mastery Journey

Disruption Mastery®can help transform what is often felt to be a period of uncertainty, of stress or of “crisis” into an era of opportunity centered on developing new potentials and achieving unexpected extraordinary results

Inspire’s Disruption Mastery Journey is a robust mobilization process to identify, design and implement new ways of creating value and business aligned with the purpose and values of the company, according its assets, and responding to the trends and needs of its different stakeholders and society.

It combines Design thinking methodologies with a custom purpose and culture shaping program to ensure teams are completely empowered to deliver the change needed. To this end, it proposes a co-creation and innovation model divided into 2 phases:

  • A first phase (Explore and Design) where we can explore the business growth opportunities with depth and rigor, to measure their impact, viability, differentiation in the market and see the business potential of them. This is a fast pace phase combining ideas generations, mobilization and leadership alignment.
  • A second phase (Ignite Results) where we can work, land and launch initiatives, through internal work teams and external partners to prototype, learn, validate and scale them to get results

Both phases are supported by a customed designed purpose and culture shaping program in order for people to own the change and unlock the true potential of the organization’s capabilities

Clients testimonials

“I am impressed by the capacity of our team to come up not only with an ambitious and manageable roadmap but also to drive with passion our culture renewal. To sum it up: Outstanding job!”

Christophe Duverne, CEO at Linxens

“Inspire is an experience I recommend everybody to have.That empowered culture and that positive culture make all the difference in the world, not just in how you feel, but in the results that you get.”

Reda Guiha, Regional President of International developed markets at Pfizer


We are a leadership and culture shaping community. We make change personal, at scale and systemic.

Always starting from the heart we come with care and compassion and create the experiences and the courageous conversations that are needed. In our community we grow, explore and shape new approaches at the confluence of organizational health and business performance.

We live our values of trust, ownership, greatness, boldness, outrageous fun, and care in all we do.

Inspire was founded by Laurent Buratti

Laurent Buratti

Laurent Buratti is a pioneer in the field of corporate culture. He founded INSPIRE ® as a culture-shaping firm in 2014. The challenge of implementing change in organizations led to Laurent’s interest in the power of the personality, mental models or habits of organizations to support or defeat initiatives.

His vision from the beginning was to create a transformational process to assist CEOs and their own change leaders in creating healthy, high-performing cultures.

For the last 25 years, Laurent has served as coach and advisor to leaders around the world on issues related to vision, strategy, team-building, leadership and culture development.

Previously, he was the European Practice Leader of the Results Delivery practice at Bain & Company, where he specialized in leadership and behavior change.


Laurent is the author of “J’enchante ma vie”. He also wrote other books including, “Découvrir le Coaching”, 3rd edition in 2018 and “La Transformance, une stratégie de mise en action  des hommes et des organisations”.