What we offer

Our superpower is to make change personal, at scale and systemic. We work with leaders, their teams and whole organizations to catalyze and sustain their transformations.

Our core interventions

Inspiring Leader Programs

Inspire’s leadership development programs focus on personal transformation helping individual leaders work towards personal transformation in a live environment that includes real teams, business challenges, and group dynamics.

Our leadership development programs start with a series of  stakeholder interviews and a leadership assessment to determine the critical themes. Then participants take part in an in-person or virtual workshop on the topics of leading oneself, leading others, and leading organizations. Experiential learning and fieldwork are integrated as well and provide opportunities for coaching and feedback.

You will examine your individual leadership strengths and weaknesses and learn how to be a more grounded leader. The program equips you with the essential tools to build strong relationships with your team, increase engagement and shape a culture of high performance

To complement our personal leadership work with the participants, we bring in the digital learning and behavioral nudging of strategy consulting partners to bring in the deep functional and industry expertise.

Executive Team Effectiveness

High-performing top teams do not just excel in delivering financial and operational outcomes. They also help create dynamic and responsive organizations and ensure that optimal cultures thrive.

Whether your organization has a new leader or a new strategy, lacks focus or energy, or is starting to experience dysfunctional working patterns, we can design and deliver a program to meet your needs.

Using a team coaching mindset, our customized approach helps clients adapt, design team composition and structure, and accelerate the journey that leads to breakthroughs and focused actions

We start the leadership team acceleration with the Leadership Team Impact survey (LTI), a diagnostic tool for measuring where the team stands on four aspects of team effectiveness: Inclusion, inspiration, impact, and initiative. We then take a field-and-forum approach that combines in-person or virtual workshops with on-the-job fieldwork and optional team or individual coaching.

This approach inspires a high level of engagement and accelerates the effectiveness of the leadership team

Organizational Culture Shaping

Culture is the most effective vehicle to energize the large-scale change that’s necessary to position a company to thrive.

We get involved when organizations need to shift their culture, renew their sense of purpose, adopt agile ways of working, build capabilities for innovation, or embrace some other form of radical change

Organizational culture refers to the collective behavior of the people who make up an organization; this includes their values, visions, norms, working language, systems, symbols, beliefs, and habits.

We always work closely with our clients as co-creators in a shared endeavor. Together we identify the key behavioral shifts to make the human side of transformation happen and to ensure it is sustainable

We use a variety of diagnostic tools to help organizations understand their starting point, including the Leadership Development Framework (LDF), Values Assessments, Deep Structure Interviews, Impact Essentials, but also Systems Thinking, Constructivit Sociology and Theory U.

“Since our founding, our purpose has been to expand consciousness with leaders and organizations to help create positive enduring change in the world. We aspire to help leaders, teams and organizations to align, transform and create real impact by making change personal, at scale and systemic”

LAurent Buratti

We offer three specialty programs that can be taken as stand-alone options or integrated into a broader transformation:

  • Enchant your life event.  We invite and challenge leaders to a learning experience in nature and use nature as a vehicle for personal or team transformation, and to reflect, reconnect, and rediscover their purpose and passion.
  • Leadership Energy. We facilitate the path to master energy in mind, body and soul, and stay centered to renew and be balanced in life and in business.
  • Inclusive Leadership. We offer workshops, coaching, and learning journeys to help leaders create human centered organizations where diversity and inclusion can thrive.